In September 2023, our teams from the London and Bristol offices joined forces for the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch event, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability – a cornerstone of our ethos.

Last year’s Beachwatch was record-breaking, with 14,271 volunteers across the UK and Channel Islands removing 17,208 kg of litter from our shores. This effort is more than just a clean-up – it provides crucial data that helps identify the most common types of litter, guiding campaigns for cleaner beaches and healthier marine environments.

Notably, single-use plastics accounted for 17% of all items collected, highlighting the ongoing challenge of plastic pollution. This finding underscores the importance of advocating for a more sustainable, circular economy where reuse and recycling are paramount.

Our involvement in Beachwatch reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and community engagement, which are integral to Leslie Clark’s mission. It exemplifies our belief in going beyond business to make a tangible difference in the world around us.

We encourage you to learn more and get involved with the Marine Conservation Society’s efforts. For more information on Beachwatch and how to participate, click here.